May 28th, 2021

With the release of Auction House, Zora is working to move ownership from centralized auction houses to decentralized auction houses. However, the smart contracts are only the first piece of the puzzle, and we're setting out to fill in the blueprints for anyone to spin up and remix their own auction house experience.

Creators and curators can now seamlessly create their own permissionless, customizable auction house experiences. Zora has created a suite of technical tools for accessing, rendering, and contextualizing both auction information and media information.

These libraries are open for the world to use and improve – MIT-licensed and developed in public.

May 12th, 2021

In recent months, NFTs have gone through a moment of cultural zeitgeist, commanding the attention and adoption of creators and communities all over the internet. Still in its infancy, the NFT ecosystem is mostly dominated by a small number of closed marketplaces—crypto middlemen and web3 gatekeepers that have launched closed-source systems on public blockchains.

The state of current marketplaces:

  • Closed source
  • Unverified on Etherscan
  • Permissioned access
  • Super admin permissions
  • Opaque
  • Limited developer access
  • Restricted to platform NFTs