ZORA V3 Community Audits Now Open
January 28th, 2022

Today, the ZORA Core team is releasing the first module proposal available for a community review – Offers v1.0. This module aims to provide on-chain liquidity for NFTs via escrowed buy orders. Using this module, any potential buyer will be able to make an offer for any valid ERC-721 on Ethereum.

This module is the first to undergo a public community review. Since ZORA modules are one-way deployed, it’s paramount that they are audited before deployment. To incentivize reviews, ZORA DAO will be honoring vulnerability reports with up to 25 ETH in bug bounty payouts.

The module code is available on Github, and more information about the rubric for bug bounties is available via the Contributions section of our README. Audits can be submitted via the comment section of the Offers V1.0 pull request.

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